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Cairo Shimmy Quake Show in conjunction with A Choregraphers' Eclectic

Jenna & Phoenyx:BellydanceRising will perform alongside many fabulous artists including the one and only, Tito Seif! Don't miss this amazing show!


WHEN Saturday, June 4, 2016
WHERE Glendale Civic Auditorium
1401 N. Verdugo Rd.
Glendale, CA 91208
COST $25 in advance • $35 at the door (if available)
Info and tickets:

Arm Yourself! Beautiful Hands & Arms for Bellydance with Jenna

Arms make the difference between *dancing* and just shaking your hips around! They frame your hard work, can showcase your grace and strength, and add another dimension to your performance. The beautifully floral hand work is a signature of bellydance, and even just the hand position itself can convey relaxed confidence and elegant poise. With a start in ballet, Jenna developed much of her upper body stylings from her extensive training with NYC mentor, Serena, herself having studied hand movements from none other than Ruth St. Denis. Jenna has designed hand, arm and posture exercises to build skills towards naturally incorporating beautiful arms into your dance. ALL LEVELS of dancer (even & especially beginners) to start good practices now, or to break quirky habits they have developed! We will practice drills for strength and flexibility in the hands and arms, technique for sinuous and graceful movements, and also use the arms as both frames and actors with dance moves and traveling steps.


WHEN Sunday, June 12, 2016
WHERE DanceGardenLA
3191 Casitas Avenue, Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90039
COST $25 until midnight June 6, 2016 • $30 at the door

Website & Media Updates

TV Appearance

Jenna on Aarti Party

You may have seen Jenna shimmying across the screen in the promo spot for Aarti's second season of her Indian-spiced cooking show on the Food Network. You can catch the whole episode, where Jenna bellydances with live percussion by Bahia Sultan for Aarti's dinner guests on a lovely Abbott Kinney patio!

WHEN Originally aired on February 13, 2011 at 11:30am Pacific
WHERE your living room! the Food Network
TV Appearance

Jenna on Tyra!

Jenna was recently invited on to the Tyra Banks show to teach a lovely mom some bellydancing moves to show off to her Palestinian husband! You can check it out here in Los Angeles on the MY13 channel at 5pm on April 10 2007. The episode runs 2 weeks later in Manhattan, please check your local listings. You can see the video clip on Jenna's MySpace site! (Thanks, Claudia!)

published article

The Chronicles: A Belly Dancer's Oasis

workshop review

Jenna received a lovely review of her second workshop in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the July 2007 issue of The Chronicles Magazine. The article, authored by Celine, who maintains an informational website for NM belly dance, can be viewed here.

TV Appearance

Jenna on MadTV

television appearance

For a comedy sketch, Jenna portrays one of Barker's bellydancing beauties on a middle-eastern themed spoof of 'The Price Is Right". Aired 2/13/05.


Jenna Coaches "Salomé" Lead Jessica Chastain


(Theater run has finished, now in production of 'Salomaybe', the companion docu-drama) Jenna has been intensively training actress Jessica Chastain for her climactic dance performance as Salomé, opposite Al Pacino, opening mid-April at the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles. The show, directed by Estelle Parsons, is a reprise of Pacino's Broadway performance starring Marisa Tomei, who, coincidentally, was coached by a mentor of Jenna's, Serena of New York!

Jessica Chastain, who plays Salome with fervor and grace. She is as beautiful as the part calls for, with hands like white butterflies and feet like little white doves, and her Dance of the Seven Veils (done with one veil, to preserve the austerity of the production) is lovely, sensual, and captivating.

- Cynthia Citron

In the Boutique

in the works....
Jenna is currently discussing her next instructional belly dance DVD project with her producers at World Dance New York..... the wait is almost over....!

Bellydance: The Next Level Instructional DVD Trailer on YouTube
Check out Jenna's latest instructional DVD for bellydancers. This intermediate/advanced DVD is now available for purchase. You can see moreinformation and order in our boutique!

Instructional Bellydance DVD for Beginners
"Bellydance Basics and Beyond" is now available for purchase! Visit the boutique for more details...

I recently bought your video, The Heartbeat of Belly dancing. I LOVE IT!!!!. I have a lot of videos of famous dancers but yours is my favorite!!! You explain everything so nicely, makes it soo easy to follow and you are an amazing dancer too!!!

- R.W., Texas

Instructional DVD for dancing with the drum solo
"The Heartbeat of Bellydance" is now available for purchase! Bellydancing for Fortune & Fame companion CD is also available now! Visit the boutique for more details.....

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