The Heartbeat of Bellydance DVD

Rhythms & Dance Combinations for BellyDancing to Drum Solos - plus Shimmy Drills featuring drummer Raquy Danziger & dancer Jenna

Beginner-Intermediate Instructional DVD


This DVD is packed full of useful tools (an hour & 25 minutes worth!) for learning and developing dancing to the tabla solo for all levels of bellydancer, from beginner to professional.


  • Warm-up
  • Jenna's drills to learn & improve traveling shimmies & shimmy layering
  • Three complete darbuka solo choreographies explained & broken down, each for a different level of dancer: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. (Practice formats for choreographies are programmed in to the DVD, for optimal learning.)
  • Explanation & demonstration of eight (8) different rhythms used with bellydancing: baladi, saiidi, malfuf, maqsoum, semai, çifte telli, ayoub, and masmoudi.


  • The three choreographies taught are performed by Jenna both in the studio so you to follow along, and in front of a live audience.
  • Jenna demonstrates her improvisational skills to a live drum solo by Raquy & Carmine, using all of the rhythms explained in the instructional segment.

The Heartbeat of Bellydance DVD is encoded for all regions, produced for NTSC system.

Fun & helpful...

Michelle of Bowie, Maryland, created a funny song to help her students remember the steps of the first drum solo choreography taught in Jenna's Heartbeat of Bellydance DVD. She was kindn enough to share it with us, and we would like to share it with you! Perhaps it can help you or your students learn the steps and have fun with it! Here it is....!

A customer writes...

"Your instructional in The Heartbeat covers so much that is a learning book for those of us who love bellydancing. The rythms demonstrated by Raquy Danziger in the drums and yourself in the practice makes such a difference in understanding a dance choreography as we recognize the different beats. Your professional approach makes it so easy to learn and motivates beginners, like me, to practice, practice, practice until reaching perfection so to speak. But I am sure that everybody beginners, intermediates, and pros find your video a wonderful source of learning as well asÊenjoyable."

- H.C., Philadelphia