Anyone can enjoy the experience of learning to bellydance! If you have never danced a step in your life, or if you are experienced in other types of dance, you are encouraged to explore this healthy form of movement.

"I love your style -
it can take a dancer anywhere."
C.J., Idaho

Jenna's classes (click tab above to see schedule) are designed to be clear and easy to follow, yet challenging, in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. In beginner classes, movements and steps are broken down systematically, always stressing strong posture, safe technique and graceful movement. Intermediate, Advanced and choreography classes are rooted in technique, and help develop a dancer's poise, presentation, transitions & expression.

Jenna in Las Vegas

Jenna has been teaching middle-eastern or arabic dance since 1997, and became AFAA (Aerobic & Fitness Association of America) certified in 1999. She has conducted middle-eastern dance workshops at universities, corporate health programs and dance studios in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, New Mexico, Idaho & Miami. Please Contact Jenna to book a workshop in your area.

Private lessons or specially-arranged group classes are available by appointment.  A great way to celebrate baby showers, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties with your friends!

"Jenna is an excellent teacher with a warm and open style that made every dancer from the advanced to beginners feel at home...Her attention to posture and attitude, as well as her winning personality, made this one of the most enjoyable workshops I have attentded.  I would recommend her workshops to anyone."
From "Chronicles" Workshop Review by Celine of New Mexico

"Jenna is a genius at breaking each move down so that everyone has fun and no one is left behind.  Studying with Jenna is a real treat."
J. Akpobome, Los Angeles

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Private Classes Available

Please contact Jenna to schedule an appointment.  Private classes available in Atwater Village.

Photo with workshop students

Jenna with bellydance students at her Albuquerque 2006 Egyptian pop choreography workshop.


Special Bellydance workshops in L.A., N.Y. and around the world! See the events page or contact Jenna to book a workshop in your area! 
Topics include:

Arm Yourself! Beautiful Hands & Arms for Bellydance with Jenna

Arms make the difference between *dancing* and just shaking your hips around! They frame your hard work, can showcase your grace and strength, and add another dimension to your performance. The beautifully floral hand work is a signature of bellydance, and even just the hand position itself can convey relaxed confidence and elegant poise. With a start in ballet, Jenna developed much of her upper body stylings from her extensive training with NYC mentor, Serena, herself having studied hand movements from none other than Ruth St. Denis. Jenna has designed hand, arm and posture exercises to build skills towards naturally incorporating beautiful arms into your dance. ALL LEVELS of dancer (even & especially beginners) to start good practices now, or to break quirky habits they have developed! We will practice drills for strength and flexibility in the hands and arms, technique for sinuous and graceful movements, and also use the arms as both frames and actors with dance moves and traveling steps.

Creating Your Own Choreography to a Classic

Work through a classic song used for bellydance (TBD, can advertise specific song) as a way to learn how to break down and map out music so you can create a dynamic choreography (or improve your improv structure!) Look at different ways of using the space of your stage, practice strategizing your travel patterns, and learn to highlight special moments in your dance.

Buddha Bellydance: Finding Your (Spectacular) Middle Way - An Improv Workshop with Jenna

Comfort with basic bellydance moves recommended. No chanting, no mudras - just a bellydance improvisation workshop inspired by the story of Siddhartha, who became the buddha, who went to extremes to find perfection in the Middle Way.

After Jenna's last improv workshop, you all shouted for more! Because to improvise better, we need to practice more! I'm offering some new exercises that will open doors in your dancing and give you new tools to find balance in your improv to become an even more spectacular version of you!

PS: No one will be made to dance alone in front of everyone! Dancing portion will be mainly practicing soloing at the same time, not "all eyes on you". So no worries!!!! Come practice and take some risks in a safe space. :)

Level: Progressive Beginner thru Advanced

TURN IT UP! Turn Techniques for Bellydancers - A Workshop with Jenna

All Level Workshops (Beginners Welcome!) This all-level workshop (yes beginners are welcome!) will cover tons of technique for different turns. You will learn the secrets to spotting, footwork, and arm placement to help your turns be controlled and balanced.... and magnificent! We will definitely cover:

  • Crossover turn
  • 3-step turn
  • Character turn
  • 2-step turn
  • Barrel Turn
  • and might get into headspin turns, 'S' turns, and turning into big hip circles if time permits. Turns add magic, texture and excitement to your dance — you can turn with grace and confidence! That is… IF you TURN UP for this workshop!! ;)


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