Gear Magazine - November 2000

Jenna was featured with dancers Ghazal & Samara of NYC in an 8-page fashion editorial about the New Jersey Devils. (See photo to right of Jenna and Petr Sykora at Fez).

The Observer - 2000

Jenna, along with many generous celebrities, helped raise money to fight AIDS at a benefit for DIFFA in Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park. The Observer printed a photo of Jenna posing beside Cyndi Lauper, see photo to left.

The Daily News - Sunday May 20, 2001
Hip Nights by Nelson Mui

"On a recent Saturday night, diners were rivited as Jenna did a belly dance featuring finger cymbals, a sword and veils. "It's mesmerizing to watch," said Kevin Koshar of Manhattan..."

Picky's Magazine - Issue #15 2004

Author Mamako Asakawa explains how she saw one of Jenna's live belly dance performances, and was inspired to take middle-eastern dance classes with Jenna.

¡MIra! Magazine - July 13, 2004

Jenna's belly dance performance was a hit at Mira's anniversary bash, and was pictured on the first page of their article about the party (see right).

The Chronicles Magazine - July 2007

Jenna receives a beautiful review of her Albuquerque workshop in the fall of 2006, in an article called "Dancing with Jenna". See article below.

Tyra Banks Show - 2007

Jenna was asked to show a few bellydance steps to a mother of three with a Lebanese husband. Jenna Bellydancing on Tyra Banks Show:

Aarti Party - 2011

Jenna danced with the Next Food Network Star Winner, Aarti, on her cooking show, accompanied by Bahia Sultan on tabla.